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Swazi Observer

24 June 2008

Kill all ritual murderers

By Nomsa Nxumalo


SINCE the registration process began, quite a number of people have been mur­dered.

We took a random interview whereby read­ers felt the murder of two women at Elangeni was directly linked to the election fever grip­ping many voters. This is what they had to say.

Mashesha Tfwala (marshal)

Those people are killed by their relatives. This thing is not in connection with the elections.

Sikelela Maduna (taxi driver )

The elections should stop. We have never come across such a situation. Those murderers are told by traditional healers to do such evil acts. I think they deserve the death sentence. At the same time you would think murder is legal in this country because our government fails to deal with these people accordingly.

Meshack Ntjentjeza Mngomezulu (taxi driver)

We have not experienced such murders for a long time. So it is clear that this thing is in connection with the election. I think we need to be educated about the elections so that we know the truth and the road to the traditional healers will vanish.

Jabulani Zwane

The King must reactivate the death sentence (inkemba) and those who kill by the sword should also die by the sword. These elections are a waste of time, only the King must choose the people who will go to parliament.

Khetsiwe Nkhambule (16 years)

The elec­tion plays a major role in the murdering of people. People must make sure they are safe. They must avoid hitching for lifts and be indoors early enough.

Xondile Tfwala (31) street vendor

We are very shocked and our government must take action. The murderers deserve the death penalty (inkembo)so these acts can come to an end.

Fikile Dlamini

These people are driven by the devil and they have lost their conscience (bonembew). How can they kill women like that. Women play a very important role. The election fever contributes a lot to these mur­ders. "I feel very sorry because these people may be granted bail by the courts and then come back and continue with their work.

Make Gama

I'm so hurt by the loss of those innocent souls. I feel like the whole parlia­mentary process should just stop. If things could happen as I wish, the murderers must also be cut in every part of the body.

Babe Mthembu (59 years)

I'm very disap­pointed because the murderers hide behind the elections to commit these heinous crimes. They deserve strong punishment or be cut a finger each day. We can only rest once they are arrested.

Make Simelane

Kill all of them.

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