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Swazi Observer
10 March 2008

'Buganu' can bag those votes

By Musa Ndlangamandla

INGWENYAMA says with the advent of the national elections later this year, there is no need to resort to desperate measures like ritual murder to win the people’s hearts for those who want to go to parliament or occupy positions of leadership.

The King says ‘Buganu’ has all the properties to cleanse a person's system, provide limitless energy and present them as healthy, capable individuals with the necessary brain power. He condemned the rising incidents of old people, children and the vulnerable being killed for ritual purposes, particularly when an election approaches.

Ingwenyama made the remarks over the weekend during the annual ‘Buganu’ festivities whose second-leg was at Hlane Royal Residence, which attracted about 4000 people from all regions of the country.

The colourful ceremony was attended by Her Majesty the Indlovukazi, King of the Mahlangwini Clan in the Republic of South Africa, Prime Minister Themba Dlamini and other dignitaries from a wide spectrum of the country's social and political strata.
“Buganu has many uses and very important properties. If used correctly, it is a detoxant and a cleanser of the body such that one would have boundless energy to perform all the duties that are expected of her and him in the community.

“It cleanses the system, boosts immunity and makes one alert at all times by keeping them at the premium of their health. That is all that is needed for a person to perform to the maximum of their ability and to attract the support of the constituencies, family and members of the community.

“It is, therefore, unnecessary to resort to other means in order to win people's hearts," Ingwenyama said.

Ingwenyama added that there were many uses of ‘Buganu’, which if properly explored could be turned into a money generating project for ordinary members of the public.

“It has cosmetic properties, health and immunity boosting qualities and the seed is edible and has nutritional value.

“There is so much you can do with Buganu. It is not just for fermentation and being used as an alcoholic drink. If pursued properly, projects that have to do with Buganu can turn the economies of many families around,” the King said.

In another matter, Ingwenyama called on the women folk to prepare themselves for the forthcoming elections.

He said there was power in women and if they come together they could turn the fortunes of the country around.

He warned them to take the lead, particularly in the advent of HIV and AIDS and to ensure that women take the leading role in so far as economic advancement is concerned.

Meanwhile, Her Majesty the Indlovukazi also urged women to break the 'proverbial ceiling' and forge ahead, together, in pursuit for excellence.
She invited people from other cultures to come to the country to share ideas with the Swazi people on how to be better positioned to grab the opportunities that life presents.


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