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Swazi Observer 7 March 2008

By Timothy Simelane

HIS Majesty King Mswati III has appointed five people to form the Election and Boundaries Commission.

The commission will be chaired by Nkamanzi Chief Gija Dlamini who previously worked for the Swaziland Water Services Commission as an Electrical Engineer. He will be deputised by Mzwandile Fakudze the Deputy Attorney General.

Others were identified as Nkosingumenzi Dlamini (daughter to Royal Praise Singer Prince Mahlaba), Gloria Mamba, a UNISWA lecturer on African Languages and Ncumbi Maziya who works for the Swaziland National Treasurer.

Announcing the committee, Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs said the they would be in office for 12 years as per the constitution.

Asked on whether the chairman meets the qualifications for the position as stated in the Section 90 (6) of the constitution that he or she should qualify to be a judge, Prince David pointed to the second part of the criteria, which states the chairman could alternatively be one of high moral character, proven integrity, relevant experience and demonstrable competence in the conduct of public office.

“It is on the second part of Section 90, part 6 that Chief Gija qualifies to be chairman of the commission.”

Asked about the fate of the Electoral Commission that has been in place over the past years, Prince David said “Our duties were to announce this committee.” Upon further questioning, the minister said other people knew nothing about the appointment except the new committee by the time of the announcement - 9.30 pm.

He further said an announcement would be made next week, whether the new team will have to leave their areas of employ to work full time in the Commission. The minister stole from words of the king when he announced a former prime minister: “Inkhosi yatsi kute ligeza laswela siyela salo” meaning there is no one without blemish.

He said the commission would not be expected to deal with boundaries between now and the election time because they will have to dedicate most of their time on the elections.

This duty is usually done by the Independent Electoral Commission in other countries.

“The commission will work independently just as all others such as the judiciary, anticorruption commission, DPP and others work independently,” he said. The constitution further says the members can be removed from office in the manner that judges of the superior courts.

Chief Gija has been employed by the Swaziland Water Services Corporation for the past 20 years after completing his diploma in electrical engineering at the Swaziland College of Theology (SCOT). He also went to England where he did his higher diploma.

Ncumbi Maziya hails from KaLanga in Siteki and has works for the Swaziland National Treasury. He studied in the United States of America and holds a Masters in Agriculture.

Nkosingumenzi Dlamini works for the ministry of agriculture and cooperatives as a rural sociologist. She studied at the University of Swaziland and further went to the University of Queen's Land in Australia for a Master's degree.


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