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Swazi Observer

19 June 2008

MPs thank His Majesty for deferring parly dissolution

By Njabulo Dlamini

MEMBERS of Parliament yesterday lauded His Majesty King Mswati III for allowing them to wind up their business, noting this was an unprecedented development in Swaziland’s history.

The MPs also hailed the gesture extended by His Majesty through allowing Swazis to speak their minds and giving him guidance in leading the country at the Ludzidzini cattle byre- Sibaya.

Standing on a motion of privilege, Mahlangatsha MP Jimmy Hlophe said it was gratifying that the King handled their dissolution with dignity, against the predictions of many, including the media. He requested that a special committee be assigned to personally thank him (King) for the action.

“We should thank His Majesty as parliament unlike the scenario our Lord Jesus was subjected to in Luke 17:17 whereby one person returned to pass her appreciation compared to the 10 that had been healed.

“To crown it all, the King also passed accolades on the Eighth parliament, something he also did last year, which is appreciated indeed,” MP Hlophe said.

In his usual satiric manner, Mtfongwaneni MP Mfomfo Nkambule also thanked the King but added that times had changed.

He said it was time for those in leadership or in position of authority to make sacrifices other than enriching themselves at the expense of the populace.

“I felt bad when an elderly man attending Sibaya informed me he was having his first meal in three days.

The situation is bad out there and one would like the Attorney General Majahenkhaba Dlamini to make clarification on the dissolution of parliament and what happens thereafter,” he said, as Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Mathendele Dlamini called him to order.

Mkhiweni MP Maqhawe Mavuso said His Majesty’s act had surprised many who had thought by now they would be at home.

Also to hail His Majesty’s gesture to parliament were the likes of MPs Clement Dlamini (Kukhanyeni), Henry Dlamini (Ntfonjeni), Vusi Sithole (Shiselweni I), Mtiti Fakudze (Dvokodvweni) and Magwagwa Mdluli (Maseyisini). The Dvokodvweni legislator further said Tinkhundla system was democratic and transparent.

“The King has demonstrated that he is a good leader who does not fear consulting with the led. In this day and age, it is unusual to witness such and particularly in Africa, no such leader has done so,” the Maseyisini MP said.

The Speaker promised to update MPs on the format to be used in extending the legislature’s appreciation to the King as requested.


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