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Swazi Observer

20 June 2008

Stop the ritual murders – Gija

By Timothy Simelane

CHIEF Gija, the Chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) has warned that the increasing spate of ritual murders is evil and will instill fear on the electorate.

The Chairman says the EBC’s prayer is that the people behind the murders do not win a seat in parliament, but are arrested as a matter of urgency. At least two women have been found dead, the body of one of them mutilated and dumped in a river at Elangeni this week.

Chief Gija says if such incidents persist, they will erode the country’s peace, something contrary to the aspirations of the EBC.

“The EBC is deeply concerned and touched by the recent reports on ritual murders taking place in the country these days. We want to put it on record that we associate ourselves with His Majesty King Mswati III’s recent admonitions and condemnation of these barbaric beliefs and primitive ways of winning a seat into parliament and other public offices.

“As a Commission we hold the view that the shedding of blood especially of innocent and disadvantaged citizens (especially women and young people) will not only haunt the perpetrators but will also instill fear in the hearts of the Swazis, causing them to refrain from actively and freely participating in the electoral process, as well as in conducting their day-to-day work.”

He assured the nation that the Commission would do its best to deliver free and fair elections “that are meant to take the nation to the next level of socio-economic and political development.”

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