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Swazi Observer

16 June 2008

Inhlava registers for the elections

By Njabulo Dlamini

INHLAVA Forum political party irked comrades from similar formations when its chairman and co-founder Mfomfo Nkambule declared they were registering for the elections.

Even though he quickly clarified they registered and were not participating, many were left not convinced.

"Yes, we are registering and are at strategic points to ensure people are empowered with information on the upcoming elections for them to make informed choices on whether they could change the system," he said.

Nkambule said by registering, they were placing themselves in a better position to be heard when campaigning for a boycott of the elections process.

"You should be at the centres and pass information to the people so as to pass the message effectively," he said.

His intervention came after one of the speakers from the floor wanted to know whether Inhlava was 'confused' with its policies by passing out different messages on the elections.

Apparently, Nkambule had given an interview to the media that his organisaton was participating in the elections yet at the Royal Swazi Sun on Friday, he informed the audience they were boycotting.

This was during CANGO's Multi-Party Consultative Conference technically supported by Open Society Initiative of Southern Africa (OSISA).

The theme was: Swaziland Democracy Now.

The Inhlava chairman dismissed the constitution as a document not crafted to protect and promote the citizens' interest but that of a few.

"As Inhlava, we intend using every available opportunity to get the message across- we only require the people to rally behind us.


People have the brains and this they could use to outsmart the authorities of the land.
"We registered because we want to engage the people i.e. what change they will attain through participating in the exercise (elections).

Generally, the system undermines the people since the top-down approach is used. We need people with the courage to make others see what they currently can't see."


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