Thursday, June 19, 2008


Swazi Observer

17 June 2008

SNYC rallies youth for elections

THE Swaziland National Youth Council (SNYC) has embarked on a campaign to empower the youth to take part in the coming election.

The exercise was held at the Mater Dolorosa High School hall yesterday.

The theme, ‘empowering the youth’, was core in educating the youth about the importance of taking part in elections.

Addressing the gathering, SNYC Chief Executive Officer Maxwell Jele thanked the youth for availing themselves in the campaign. He also asked the youth to raise questions concerning the electoral processes.

Amongst the guests who took part in the campaign is Director of youth affairs Bheki Tfwala, Elections and Boundaries Commission Deputy Chairperson Mzwandile Fakudze as well as Jele.

“The youth is the people of today,” Fakudze said. He asked the youth not to be influenced by others in shunning the elections. He said they should partake in everything that happened in their constituency in order to have access in the youth funds.

“Today its your chance to be elected,” he said. He warned the youth against being spectators rather than being participants during these elections. Praises were given to the youth and were urged to be the first on the election list.

“Africa needs intelligent and educated people. The youth should value knowledge and information in that they should know where to get proper information as well as knowledge.”

He further stated that to be elected has nothing to do with dignity but with the individual. He gave them a philosophic account of the qualities of a leader, being:
Lead yourself in order to discover the potential in you,
focus (which gives life and direction),
creativity and
be willing to be criticised.

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