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Swazi Observer

5 August 2008

Chiefs want EBC to re-draw boundaries

By Njabulo Dlamini

CHIEFS under Mankayane sub-region have urged the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) to review boundaries for the Ngwemphisi constituency.

Representatives from the various chiefdoms under the constituency last Friday met Chairman of the Commission Chief Gija and some of the members where the issue was deliberated at length.

At least 10 chiefdoms make up Ngwemphisi and the chiefs want the number halved, to be manageable for even distribution of resources to be realised.

A delegation of 12 persons attended the meeting together with Vulindlela Msibi, former MP for the constituency.

The EBC was represented by the Chairman, Gloria Mamba and Information Officer Sabelo Dlamini.

Dladleni chiefdom Indvuna Vusi Ndlangamandla confirmed the meeting adding they were happy that at least the EBC acknowledged the concerns.

“The EBC conceded the constituency was not manageable as big as it was with the 10 chiefdoms under it. Constituency allocations such as Empowerment Fund are insufficient to meet our needs due to the size of Ngwempisi; a review of boundaries is thus an urgent issue with us,” Ndlangamandla said.

Ngcoseni Indvuna Fanyana Msibi was equally concerned about the size of Ngwemphisi also alluding the proposal was for the chiefdoms to be halved.

“In addition, we proposed that a new constituency be built at Sidzakeni - Musi so that five chiefdoms would be accommodated there and the remaining ones fall under the present site.

“However, the EBC Chairman informed us the matter was to be considered after the elections.

He conceded they were equally concerned about it,” Msibi said.

Meanwhile, the EBC Chairman also confirmed the meeting with the Ngwemphisi constituency delegation.

“Not only Ngwemphisi, Kukhanyeni and Siphofaneni are amongst several chiefdoms whose boundaries need to be reviewed. Some chiefdoms are themselves big on their right and thus having many chiefdoms under the constituency, comprises delivery of services,” he said.

Dlamini said the boundaries issue would be dealt with after the elections by his team.

The representatives were from chiefdoms; Dladleni, Bhadzeni 1 & 2, Khabonina, Lushikishini, Ngcoseni, Macudvulwini, Mahhashini, Mgazini and Velezizweni.

The matter had been dealt with by Chief Gija’s predecessor, Robert Thwala - who was the Chief Electoral Officer.

Said former MP Msibi; “The Constitution does not allow an inkhundla’s boundaries to extend over more than one region- Section 91(4).

Ngwempisi [at Ngcoseni and Mgazini] under Manzini Region spreads to Gege; under Shiselweni.

“We are very grateful to the EBC for listening to our case which has been before our authorities for a long time.

The Chairman assured us the exercise (reviewing of boundaries) will be embarked upon immediately after elections and it will encompass other tinkhundla with a similar problem”.

Others in attendance included; Mduduzi Dlamini- Velezizweni, December Dlamini- Bhadzeni I, David Motsa- Macudvulwini, Mehlobhunu Mavuso- Mahhashini Indvuna and Peter Mtetwa Mahhashini.

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