Monday, August 4, 2008


Times of Swaziland

1 August 2008

Over 10 000 underage voters register


PIGG’S PEAK – More than 10 000 underage people had registered for the upcoming elections.

This was revealed by Elections and Boundaries Commission member Ncumbi Maziya in yesterday’s EBC meeting with Hhohho chiefs held at Mhlatane High School.

Maziya said these findings were in response to an investigation, which was launched by the commission after rumours circulated that some centres had registered underage people.


Though he did not divulge the centres where the mischief was allegedly conducted, he said they had found out that 10 000 of those who registered are below the age of 18. He, however, said those who would be turning 18 in August would be allowed to take part in the elections. The others will be deregistered and not appear on the Voters Roll.

"Hhohho has many chieftaincy disputes, which has put the commission between a rock and a hard surface. However, it is not under our jurisdiction to solve these conflicts, our role is to work hand in hand with chiefs to conduct the elections successfully," he said.

He further discouraged chiefs against influencing their subjects to nominate their ‘chosen ones’.

"Since elections will be conducted in chiefdoms, it is time that as chiefs you were loyal to your subjects," warned Maziya.


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