Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Times of Swaziland

5 August 2008

Widows, children key goals for aspiring MPs


MANZINI –Some of the aspiring parliamentarians have expressed some rather indifferent goals they want to achieve in parliament.

This was the case yesterday when the Times interviewed some of them at the Mavuso Trade and Exhibition Centre where they had gone for a standard photo shoot.

Once controversial former Deputy Sheriff and insurance consultant Doctor Myeni said his focus was on helping widows live a better life as they were prone to exploitation.

"I wish to help domestic workers improve their lives," he said. Myeni said it was difficult and painful to imagine that domestic workers were still paid paltry wages ranging from an average of E400, which was way below the living standards. Myeni has been nominated to stand for elections at Mtfongwaneni Constituency.

Another aspiring MP from Ntondozi Inkhundla Errol Kunene said his wish was to get to parliament to help children.

"Children from my constituency can all go to school despite challenges they may face in life," he said.

Gospel music artist Mandla ‘DJ Nice’ Dlamini said his wish was to help develop the standard of football in his constituency, solve the water crisis and construct a new fruit and vegetable market at Mahlanya. He has been nominated at Lobamba Lomdzala Constituency.

Others also promised to work hard towards facilitating structural developments in their constituencies.

The duty of a Member of Parliament is to facilitate the passing of legislations in parliament as development of constituencies is best reserved for other officers.

These include constituency headmen (tindvuna tetinkhundla) and bucopho betinkhundla.

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