Monday, August 4, 2008


Weekend Observer

2 August 2008

Ex-minister throws in towel
By Bheki Gama

Former Finance Minister now with the Food Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Themba Masuku has decided to stay out of politics for the next five years however, he vowed to contest the 2013 national elections.


"I will be back home in 2013," he said.

Masuku has never concealed his ambition in returning to the political frail as he took the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) to court challenging it to extend the deadline for voter registration, in which he succeeded. This week Masuku threatened to move an application interdicting the EBC from continuing with the nominations this weekend.


"Following careful consideration of the situation surrounding the elections process, I have dropped any intentions to obtain a court order delaying the date of the nominations stage of the parliamentary elections," Masuku said. He then announced that he would finally return home after five years.


He felt the nomination date was announced rather at short notice as he had to fly over from New York where he is based.

"This decision came after I received a copy of Legal Notice no. 132 for 2008 citing the Elections Order of 1992," Masuku stated, adding that his reasons were connected to respect for his King.


"When the New York Swazi Mission faxed the document to me yesterday, I noticed that the Head of State had signed the legal notice.

"This was enough for me to drop the challenge. So, I will not challenge any longer and it is over, full-stop," he said. Masuku said his lawyers advised him to relax and concentrate on other issues.


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