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Swazi Observer

5 August 2008

Nash's son S'khumbuzo pulls out of election race

By Nelsiwe Ndlangamandla

BISHOP Nash Shongwe's son, Sikhumbuzo, who was nominated over the weekend has pulled out.

He said he was giving a chance to his brother Bongani with whom they were competing for the same seat of Member of Parliament for Fairview North constituency in Manzini.

His withdrawal from the race has raised suspicions that it could be connected to his alleged wayward past.

There have been suspicions that he could have failed to produce a clean police clearance after submitting his finger prints to be checked for criminal records as is required by the law.

He has, however, denied that his withdrawal has anything to do with his behaviour or results of police finger printing.

S'khumbuzo said his father called them immediately after being nominated and said he was not happy to see them compete against each other.

He said he did not go to take the fingerprints and the photos yesterday as was expected with all the other nominees. He said he would focus on his business for now and make sure that he supports his brother in the political race.

S'khumbuzo was once wanted by the police for crime related instances in which he alleged stabbed someone in Manzini. He allegedly had an altercation with the person who had bad mouthed Bishop Shongwe.

He was on the police wanted list before he was handed over by his father.

He insisted that his withdrawal was strategic and a family decision.

He said even though he had a criminal record, he would not have pulled out if it was not to give his brother a better chance.

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