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Times of Swaziland

28 July 2008

First seek light of God, King urges aspiring Parliamentarians


imageLOBAMBA – His Majesty King Mswati III has implored aspiring Parliamentarians to first seek the light of God before representing their people at the august House.

His Majesty was addressing over 400 Christians from around the country during the annual Somhlolo Festival of Praise held at the National Church.

He said people should seek the light of God in order to lead others.

The king went on to say that Swazis should seek the light of God so that they could stand against challenges. He said if people were still living in the darkness they would be led astray and end up committing ungodly acts.

The king said people should follow the righteous ways of the Lord in order to be able to get to Parliament through clean ways.

"All those who kill people with the hope of gaining a seat in Parliament should seek the righteousness of the Lord because at the moment they are being misled by the forces of darkness," he said.

His Majesty could not leave out the fact that the country would be celebrating 40 years, which is an achievement for the whole kingdom because just like in the case of the Israelites God has led the country through many trying times.

Preaching the Word of God, the king highlighted that the people of Israel were faced with many challenges in their 40-year journey, but because God was living among them they were able to survive.

"If the Swazi nation can put their trust in God and follow him religiously then He will provide for the country and everything will be possible," he said.

He then urged all Swazis to read and understand the Bible so that they could implement what it says

The king said people should desist from reading the bible like they were reading their novels, which they did for fun.

This statement from the king was met with cheers from the Christians.


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