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Swazi Observer

8 August 2008

Lawyer says political parties must co-exist with system

By Sabelo Mamba

LAWYER Thulani Maseko submitted that political parties has to co-exist with the present system of governance.

He said nobody should be restricted from contesting the current elections.

Maseko said a right to join political parties was an individual choice.

He argued that the country's constitution allows people to make that decision.

"No body should be forced to do anything under the political dispensation," he said.

"Political parties have to exist in a mixed bag or parliament should be composed of members with different opinions. People can stand as individuals or political parties."

He alleged that the Imbokodvo National Movement allowed Swaziland to be no party state whilst it still existed as a political party.

political parties

Maseko contended that there has to be a law allowing political parties to be registered, adding that such was based on Section 25 of the constitution.

He asked the court to read together Sections 25, 29 and 84 of the constitution and then harmonise them so that the bill of rights could be achieved.

Maseko denied allegations that the political parties or trade unions were asking the court to declare some of the sections in the constitution null and void.

"If that law protects the rights of the people, let it be so," Maseko submitted.

The High Court full bench has reserved judgement.


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