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Times of Swaziland

5 August 2008

Qedusizi’s ‘party’ gets them talking


MBABANE – Aspiring Member of Parliament Qedusizi Ndlovu’s feast for Jet staff that had come to donate has since sent tongues wagging in his area.

The festivity was held on Sunday at Ndlovu’s homestead after he made it through to the nomination stage under the Nkonka chiefdom.

Some residents have dubbed the feast as a party and registered a complaint with this newspaper alleging that Ndluvu may have started an early campaign yet that is only legal after the primary elections.


Ndlovu said it was not a party but instead he had just agreed to have hosted a feast at his home on Sunday but says this was for Jet Stores employees who had come to donate clothing to members of his community.

"It was a small feast for the Jet staff which was a way of saying thank you to them for having made the donation to the people," Ndlovu clarified.

The area’s Indvuna Mthomtho Shiba also defended the party saying it was just a small feast for the Jet staff.

"I also attended the feast at Ndlovu’s home and it was all in good faith as you know that according to Swazi culture if someone visits your home you then cook for them," Shiba said.

Jet Stores Manager Nhlanhla Matsebula collaborated Ndlovu’s story by stating that indeed it was them that he hosted.


"We had the feeling that our visit to the area might be viewed as an illegal campaigning as it coincided with the nomination process but we could not shift it to an alternate date because we had long set the date for our visit," Matsebula said.

He stated that as Jet Stores they felt they had to help the people of Lavumisa after they were approached by Ndlovu and were touched as he related the level of poverty that his people live under.

Ndlovu was on Saturday unanimously nominated for the position of MP at Nkonka Inkhundla and is facing stiff competition from PUDEMO man Mandlak-ayise Matse.

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