Sunday, August 3, 2008


Swazi Observer

24 July 2008

Justice Minister accused of interfering with EBC

By Sabelo Mamba

THE Swaziland Coalition of Concerned Civic Organisations Trust accuses Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Prince David of interfering with the independent functions of the Elections and Boundaries Commission.

Comfort Mabuza, who is the organisation's trustee, says the statement made by the minister to the effect that the EBC would only be permitted to deal with Tinkhundla boundaries after the elections in 2009 constitutes improper interference in the independent functioning of the EBC.

He says such conduct was in breach of Section 90 (13) of the constitution.

"It is particularly disturbing that the members of the EBC have, to the best of my knowledge, made no attempt to issue any public statement rejecting the assertion by the minister that they would not or should not undertake any review of the Tinkhundla boundaries before the end of the 2009 elections," he states.

"Nor have they done anything to disassociate themselves from the effort by the minister to subject them to the direction and control of the government.

"This reinforces the applicants' concern that the members of the EBC are not truly independent and cannot reasonably be perceived to be independent as required by Section 90 of the constitution."


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