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Times of Swaziland

4 August 2008

Shock, surprise, chaos at nominations


imageMBABANE – The nominations weekend has ended amid a lot of drama.

Though preliminary reports from the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) show that it has so far been smooth, various reports from across the country show otherwise.

Some of these problems have been caused by the short notice given to aspiring candidates to prepare for the nominations as well as the delayed Voters Roll.

In the North of the country Deputy Minister Hlobsile Ndlovu was stunned when she found her name mysteriously missing on the ‘draft’ Voters Roll, while in the South police had a tough time handling Titus Thwala’s supporters as he re-ignited his contest with Johannes Ndlangamandla.


While many ended the weekend on a good note, toasting to a possible seat in the august house, television star Themba Xaba saw his dream up in smoke after he was disqualified, while numerous other civil servants with no leave forms were also turned back.

Thousands of people this weekend flocked to nominate a variety of personalities they believe will change their lives for the better.

At Butfongweni area, residents were, however, stunned when a chief’s daughter allegedly tried to use her connections to get nominated.

And living up to the billing of surprises, the last day of the nominations saw SBIS soccer commentator Rodgers Mamba getting the nod to seek a career path similar to S’gayoyo Magongo, who went from commentator to MP and later minister.

One time musician and former soccer star Cosmo Mthethwa has also been nominated, as well as Robert Magongo.

The next stage is primary elections billed for August 23.


Times of Swaziland

4 August 2008

Hlobsile’s name disappears from voter’s roll

MBABANE – The heated nominations battle took a shocking twist when Deputy Minister Hlobsile Ndlovu’s name disappeared from the voter’s roll.

This is despite that the Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Youth Affairs registered and has a Voter’s Card making her eligible to vote or be voted for in the Pigg’s Peak inkhundla.

The Times has reliably gathered that the incident almost saw the popular personality missing out altogether but she was saved by the fact that she had her card with her. When reached for comment, Ndlovu said she was surprised by what happened.

"How does this happen? Had I not had my card and known my ID number I may have been excluded!" she said.

When the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) Communications Officer Sabelo Dlamini was reached for comment last night, he said the officers acted accordingly.

"At the moment, the Voters roll is a draft, so if you do not appear on it but have a card then you can proceed to participate. However, you then have to raise a concern so that in the final one you are not excluded. If Ndlovu had been excluded in the final roll then it would be another issue," he said.

He said there were many reasons that may have led to her name going missing. He said she may have been placed in another area or it was genuinely forgotten.

Ndlovu, a former Marketing Manager, could be going in for a second term in parliament if she is eventually voted for.

She is competing with Reggie Lukhele and Dumsile Ndlovu, amongst others.


Times of Swaziland

4 August 2008

NKAMANZI – Drama unfolded yesterday here when residents looted a bucket of fat cakes that was bought by Enterprise Minister Lutfo Dlamini.

The minister had bought the fatcakes as a gift to his supporters during the nomination exercise.

The five minutes drama happened at the Nkamanzi umphakatsi.

It was gathered that a faction of people had gone to the minister to request that he buy them these cakes.

However, when the minister had agreed the residents suddenly rushed to the vendor in anticipation to get one.

This resulted to a wrangle over the fatcakes.

When drawn for comment, the Enterprise and Employment minister said there was nothing sinister regarding his gift to the people.

"The panic was caused by the fact that the fatcakes were not enough for everyone to have one," said the minister.

On another note, the minister was nominated to participate in the race to Parliament. When his name was called, most people rushed to support the minister.

It took the presiding officer to help restrict jubilant residents from having their way to the minister.

The minister will face five other aspiring MPs. These are Njabulo Mamba, Dumsani Gule, Sarah Dlamini and Ntombenkulu Mhlanga


Times of Swaziland

4 August 2008

Hlobsile to compete with brother’s wife


PIGG’S PEAK – Women have come out in support of Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Youth Affairs Hlobsile Ndlovu.

Ndlovu, and three others, were nominated and further supported by a faction of women in yesterday’s nomination exercise here.

However, she will have to battle it out with her sister-in-law Dumsile Ndlovu, who is a Pigg’s Peak councillor and wife to Lucky Save Supermarket owner. Overjoyed residents screamed their lungs out in support of the former Pigg’s Peak MP, who made her name in entertainment circles, while she was still an official at PSI.

Jubilant supporters flocked around the minister, while applauding and celebrating her nomination to participate in the race to parliament.

The deputy minister, who was in the company of her mother, was nominated by Sibongile Dlamini.

However, it seems the race has begun again as Ndlovu will have to compete with the town’s mayor Reggie Lukhele and others in the race to parliament.

Notable, the mayor also got a huge support from his supporters when his name was nominated.

In a similar scenario to that of the deputy minister, scores of women and youth supported the mayor immediately he was nominated.


Times of Swaziland

4 August 2008

MBABANE – A daughter to a chief is alleged to have tried to use her connections to force her way into the list of nominated candidates yesterday.

The incident unfolded at Butfongweni Umphakatsi, under Ekukhanyeni Inkhundla.

According to the polling station’s presiding officer, identified as Mrs Mthupha, people had to be dragged from their homesteads in order for them to ‘second’ the princess’ supposed nomination.

"She came here with instructions, which she said were from the Elections and Boundaries Commission. The instruction was to the effect that we should include her name in the list of nominated candidates," she alleged.

The presiding officer said the incident caused a temporary halt to the election process as the polling officers would hear none of what the chief’s daughter was saying.

Mthupha disclosed that the ‘Princess’ first arrived at the polling station on Saturday but was turned back by the polling officers because she had no proof of registration with her.

"On Saturday her name was raised but it was later discovered that she was not eligible to participate here since she was registered under Mbekelweni," she explained.

The action by the polling officers did not go down well with the royal family member who then took up the matter with the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC), which later sent word that she must be allowed to participate in the election. The message was communicated through Returning Officer Driven Nkhambule.

When sought for comment, Nkhambule confirmed that there was such an incident but preferred not to commit himself on the issue, referring this reporter to the EBC office.

Chairman of the EBC Chief Gija said the issue was not reported to him. He however, said such things could happen because the voters’ roll that is currently displayed at the chiefdoms was preliminary and also bound to have a lot of mistakes.

"But such things will be sorted out before the primary elections," he said.

The chairman said it could happen that the matter was handled by other officials from his office.

The issue might not go down well with certain civic organisations that are challenging the existence of the electoral commission, saying its composition has a potential to interfere with its independence.

The case is pending before the High Court.


Times of Swaziland

4 August 2008

Njabulo Mabuza nominated but …


imageKHUBUTHA – Minister of Health and Social Welfare Njabulo Mabuza was yesterday nominated for national elections.

This is despite ill-feelings from certain quarters within his constituency.

Mabuza was nominated at Nhlalabantfu Royal Kraal with five other aspiring candidates.

The others who joined Mabuza in the race include Mbongeni Nkambule, Brian Zwane, Sithembiso Dlamini, Percival Nhlabatsi and Mkhawuleni Nhleko.

Mabuza, who served in the Eighth Parliament as a Member of Parliament for the Khubutha Constituency, will face a stiff competition not only from these candidates but also from four other nominees from Ngobelweni Umphakatsi.

The quartet includes Nhlanhla Simelane, Lazarus Sambo, Elizabeth Lukhele and businessman Bernard Zwane.Some of the voters who were interviewed at the two polling stations said they were keenly awaiting the election date but minced no words in saying they wanted to vote fresh blood to Parliament.


"The problem we faced here was that our previous MP (Mabuza) was very busy and he could not help us in developing the area. We want someone who is not too occupied because we have seen that it is difficult to elect someone who has a lot to do," said one vocal lady, who pleaded for anonymity in fear of victimisation. Another elderly woman said she would vote for a young person who is focused and keen to develop the area. She noted that the previous MP had too much to do and found himself forgetting that the people wanted to see development.

The woman, who said she had to travel for over three kilometres to the polling station, said her wish was to see the area’s MP being a young man who did not have too many commitments.

Besides being the country’s health minister, Mabuza is also a businessman, who runs a transport business.

Immediately after his nomination, Mabuza quickly left the umphakatsi probably to attend to other important duties.

The nominees were then taken to the Kaphunga Police Station, where their fingerprints were taken for screening.

Nominations at this constituency were as follows;

Nhlalabatfu Umphakatsi Member of Parliament

1. Mbongeni Nkabinde

2. Njabulo Mabuza

3. Brian Zwane

4. Sithembiso Dlamini

5. Percival Nhlabatsi

6. Mkhawuleni Nhleko

Indvuna Yenkhundla

1. Nonhlanhla Dlamini

2. Michael Dlamini

3. Nkingo Lukhele

4. Sithembiso Simelane

5. Florence Manana

6. Job Kunene

7. Meshack Mdluli

8. Happy Nkambule

9. Salebona Nhleko

Bucopho Benkhundla

1. Majaheni Nkabinde

2. Siphiwe Nkambule

3. Mandla Tshabalala

4. Sandile Ndwandwe

5. Mndeni Mathabela

Ngobelweni Umphakatsi Member of Parliament

1. Nhlanhla Simelane

2. Bernard Zwane

3. Lazarus Sambo

4. Elizabeth Lukhele


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