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Weekend Observer

9 August 2008


By Bheki Gama

The race to Parliament is getting rather messy and dangerous, it has been revealed.

A group of men who were nominated to stand for the election in one of the constituencies in the Lubombo region have ganged up to eliminate the area’s former member of parliament, who is believed to be the people’s obvious choice.

In their quest for power, the group, which includes a well-known church leader and pastor of a local church, has already planned and listed possible means to have the ex-MP move out of their way by hook or crook.

Amongst other things, the group has been to several muti men.

On Thursday, they drove an Isuzu van 3L (registration numbers also known to the Weekend Observer) hundreds of kilometres away to Nsenga, near Maphalaleni, to consult a popular fortune teller.

Inside sources say the main motive was to get advice on how best to get rid of their competitor.

When the ex-MP was approached on the matter, he confirmed having been warned about the group and said they could do anything to get rid of him.

“They have tried several times in the past to undermine me without success and this time, they have resorted to desperate means. I cannot help them, because it's the people who want me in and I cannot let them down,” the former MP said.

Minah Khumalo (nee Vilakati) confirmed that she has been consulted by several aspiring MPs who come looking for all sorts of solutions.

Khumalo said on Thursday alone, she could recall having seen three aspiring MPs who wanted to thwart their competitors on election day.

She also confirmed that most were looking for powers to subdue and overcome their competitors during the coming elections.

“I always advise them that I do not provide such services,” she said mentioning that she only helped to identify whomsoever could assist them meet their objectives.

“I only throw the bones and tell people what I see,” she said, adding that often her clients act upon what she has told them.

She said the next step is entirely the decision of the client.

Khumalo also added that clients are the ones who say the names of those whom they trust have the right solution to the problems she has identified for them during consultation and “I throw the bones to find out it the inyanga, prophet or healer is the right choice,” she said.

When the Weekend Observer left a one-time popular Ludzidzini governor was being ushered into the indumba, the healer’s operating theatre.

The ex-Indvuna, who was chauffeured inside a white Toyota van with the army registration numbers, could hardly conceal his displeasure upon seeing the Weekend Observer team.


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