Monday, October 6, 2008


Weekend Observer

4 October 2008

…I turned down E60 000 bribe - Mabhanisi

Aspiring Member of Parliament Sibusiso Mabhanisi Dlamini has claimed that former Parliamentarian Sibusiso Nkambule tried to offer him E60 000 if he withdrew his application at the High Court.

Dlamini alleged that Nkambule offered him E60 000 from his gratuity if he dropped the court case and further promised that he would lobby Members of Parliament to elect him into Senate.

He said the conversation occurred on Tuesday during lunch hour at the High Court.

"I turned down the offer because I would have betrayed the people of Kwaluseni if accepted the money," he said.

Dlamini said his lawyer (Professor Msibi) was also aware about the issue.

Contacted for comment, Nkambule said he never at any stage tried to bribe Dlamini by giving him E60 000.

Nkambule said the E60 000 idea was raised in passing by followers of both parties.

"I would not go out of my way and give him so much money," he said.

"What has he done to deserve so much money? I would have not asked him to withdraw the matter.

"I don't fear him. I will still win the elections.

I confident that the results will not change. Even my child can beat him hands down. I'm more than ready for the primary elections."


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