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Times of Swaziland

6 October 2008

Marwick’s party


MALKERNS - Over 1 000 people of Lobamba Lomdzala constituency braved the cold to join their new MP Marwick Khumalo in celebrating his victory.

Khumalo slaughtered three cows in a thanksgiving ceremony held yesterday at Mphompoma.

People from all the different chiefdoms under the constituency converged at Mphompoma to celebrate Khumalo’s victory in the recent secondary elections.

The thanksgiving ceremony began as early as 8.30am and the tent, which was pitched at Mphompoma, was packed such that others had to watch from under corridors.

The speeches were punctuated with entertainment activities from different groups from the different chiefdoms. The people came in droves as some had come in a big bus while others were ferried to the event by the new Lobamba Lomdzala kombi, which was bought by Khumalo.

Khumalo thanked the people for trusting him by voting for him to represent them in the ninth Parliament.

He said it was not an easy road to Parliament as there were challenges by his rivals. Khumalo was taken to court during the elections.

Khumalo also advised the other MPs not to distance themselves from development as it was what the people used to measure one’s abilities.

During the ceremony some of the new MPs elect came to offer their support to Khumalo.

Amongst those present were Robert Magongo, Gundwane Gamedze, Macford Sibanze, and Clement Dlamini.

Also present was for- mer senator Mike Temple and Sive Siyinqaba’s Zibuse Simelane.

After the speeches and entertainment the people tucked in as food was in abundance.

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