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11 October 2008

Prince Guduza Speaker, MP Esther his Deputy

LOBAMBA- Prince Guduza was yesterday re-elected to be the House of Assembly Speaker while Mbabane East MP Esther Dlamini, who is in her second term running in Parliament, was elected his deputy.

This was during the 9th Parliament’s first session where members of the House were sworn in.

The favourite for the Speaker position and former Deputy Speaker MP Trusty Gina from Nkilongo Inkhundla lost.

The election of Prince Guduza, who was neither elected nor appointed for a seat in the House of Assembly, came after a motion that was moved by Sithobelweni MP Patrick Mamba and seconded by MP Henry Dlamini.

The constitution allows nomination of a non-member of the House on condition that this individual once served a term or more in Parliament. Prince Guduza was among appointed MPs in the previous Parliament. Infact he has been in Parliament for more than one term. He was once a Cabinet Minister.

On the other side of the coin another motion to elect MP Gina as Speaker was moved by Lubulini Member of Parliament and gospel singer of note Timothy Myeni and was seconded by MP Sibongile Hlophe.

During the election 63 MPs took part in the voting and Prince Guduza became the eventual winner with 41 votes while MP Gina trailed with 22 votes.

Unlike in the tightly contested Speaker’s position, MP Dlamini’s (Esther) election as deputy to Prince Guduza was a one-horse race. It was the only motion and it was unopposed.

Earlier at exactly 15 minutes before the voting for the Deputy Speaker, Members of Parliament were found in the Parliament corridors deliberating on who should take the Deputy Speaker’s position following MP Gina’s loss to Prince Guduza.

Some advised that she should not stand for election after losing the Speaker’s race and seemingly MP Gina obliged.

"We are still trying to talk to MP Gina not to stand for the Deputy Speaker position because it would greatly affect her if she loses," one of the MPs was overheard saying.

In his remarks Prince Guduza advised parliamentarians to work as a unit while deliberating on laws that would have a positive influence on government policies.

"Everyone working in Parliament should ensure that we work towards curbing corruption," Prince Guduza told the House.

In her remarks Deputy Speaker MP Dlamini (Esther) thanked parliamentarians for having confidence in her.

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Weekend Observer

11 October 2008

Prince Guduza SPEAKER

Stories by Sisho Magagul

Prince Guduza has retained the position of Speaker in the House of Assembly. The motion to elect the prince was moved by MP Magwebetane Patrick Mamba, who was seconded by Ntfonjeni MP Henry Dlamini.

Prince Guduza beat former speaker Trusty Gina to the position. Gina was nominated by Timothy Myeni, and seconded by MP Siphiwe Kunene.

Prince Guduza won the vote with a landslide as he got 41 votes whilst Gina amassed 22 votes.

There were 63 legislators present in the House, with the exception of a representative from Kwaluseni where primary elections will be held today.

Prince Sihlangusemphi did not show up for unknown reasons.

Motivating his motion from the election of Prince Guduza, MP Mamba urged members to vote for the Prince because he apparently had been able to bring the House to order during heated debates.

“Prince Guduza is an educated man who has 15 years experience doing Parliament work. In the last Parliament, some debates became heated and emotions flared and Prince Guduza was able to calm the situation and bring order in the House,” he said.

He said the prince is a diligent man who is over competent to lead the House and maintain its honourable status.

Timothy Myeni, when motivating his motion for the election of Gina into the Speaker position, said Gina is an Iron Lady who has been able to lead the House competently when given the reins during the Speaker’s absence in the last Parliament.

“We have seen her handling debates very well. Her election would also indicate to the world that Swaziland recognises women in the country,’ he said.

However, Gina lost to the Prince after the vote.

Attorney General Majahenkhaba Dlamini led the prince to take the oath at exactly 12:56pm.

Mbabane East MP, Esther Dlamini was elected Deputy Speaker of the House. She was nominated by Nkwene MP Aaron Sotja Dladla.

She was the only candidate. The house unanimously voted her in.

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