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Swazi Observer

8 October 2008


Stories by Timothy Simelane

FORMER Ministers Majozi Sithole and Themba Msibi are MPs.

They were appointed to the House of Assembly by His Majesty King Mswati III alongside eight others.

The list announced by the Chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission also names Princess Ncengencenge a converted Christian and pastor of the Jesus Calls Worship Centre and Kalanga Chief Sibengwane Ndzimandze who was formerly arrested for allegedly defrauding the Tinkhundla Regional Development Fund.

Thulile Dladla who was Sebenta National Institute Director is one of the surprise names.

Others are Prince Hlangusemphi, the Under Secretary of Defence and Mfanawemakhosi Dlamini who works for the ministry of Economic Planning and Development under the millennium projects.

Chief Gcokoma of Mbelebeleni and Mandla Dlamini, member of the border restoration committee have also been appointed MPs.

Former MP Chief Nzameya Nhlabatsi has also bounced back.

The announcement ends days and months of speculation, as some people expected to be on the list.

However, there is still a glimmer of hope because His Majesty is yet to announce the list of appointed Senators.

All the King’s men and women:

Prince Hlangusemphi

Chief Nzameya Nhlabatsi

Mandla Dlamini

Mfanawemakhosi Jomo Dlamini

Chief Sibengwane Ndzimandze

Princess Ncengencenge

Majozi Sithole

Chief Gcokoma of Mbelebeleni

Thulile Dladla

Themba Msibi.

Appointees shocked, tongue tied

Appointed MPs were shocked to learn that they were in the list of MPs announced by the Chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC).

Former Minister of Finance Majozi Sithole said he was not ready to comment on the appointment yesterday because he had not been officially informed.

Mfanawemakhosi Dlamini, an employee of the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development said he was humbled by the appointment, adding that he had not expected it.

“I did not anticipate this appointment, and I’m still digesting this development, afterwhich I can make comments,” he said.

Princess Ncengencenge also expressed shock at the appointment, saying she would comment at a later stage. The princess has travelled the world and studied theology abroad. She was recently ordained at the Jesus Calls Worship Centre, a church headed by Pastor Robert Kasaro.

Others were not available for comment.

Chief Gija said the list would be conveyed to the Clerk to Parliament, who will then call all MPs to be sworn in and start business as usual.

“We are pleased to announce that His Majesty has made these appointments,” he said.

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