Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Times of Swaziland

30 September 2008


Lie on your beds


Members of Parliament who bought votes on their way to victory have made their own beds.

Voters who allowed themselves to be bought have done the same. Now they must all lie on them.

That voters are now seeking financial assistance for their vote should not shock the MPs- elect, as money, not legislation, was the promise to all. We have no sympathy for the bribing losers.

Money, and lots of it, will also be the ticket for those seeking a seat in the upper House, as MPs are reported to be bidding for the best offer to vote for the desperados.

From what we hear, corrupt MPs are there for the taking as they seek to recoup their ‘expenditure’ on the election campaign. None of the MPs we have spoken to wish to come on record for reasons we only see as putting themselves up for the financial rewards on offer. What a shame. Individuals have pledged their first salary, plots and other gains to the MPs. The whole process has simply gone rotten and can best be described as a sham.

We no longer have an election; we have a selection of those who were able to buy their way into power.

The Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) has chosen to remain silent on these developments; not surprising for a team that is only too pleased to have reached this stage. What more could we expect from them really?

Voters should have nobody but themselves to blame if they suffer the tragedy of putting their votes up for auction because they can do nothing to recall the MP who is most likely to turn his/her back on them while enjoying the E21 000 salary and perks that the job now provides.

MPs can only do so much financially. There is no way an MP could assist pay school fees and purchase food for voters in his/her constituency.

Government is failing to feed and educate us all so how could we trust or believe an MP could do better?

There is definitely no looking forward to the new parliament. To the MPs elect who have had an honourable journey into parliament, we say good luck as you face the daunting challenge of retaining your honour amongst cheats!


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