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Swazi Observer

29 September 2008

Esther Dlamini says her competitors all ganged-up on her

By Nelsiwe Ndlangamandla

DESPITE winning the elections Esther Dlamini, Mbabane East elect said she had a lot of challenges.

Dlamini said her name was tainted and she had to go to court for something she did not do.

She said when rumours did the rounds that 600 voters were unknown it devastated her.

"This was the hardest time in my life because I did not know any of the things I was accused of."

She said at this point she did not know whether the voters will ever trust her again.

She stated some of the candidates ganged up on her.

"This made this year's election race very challenging for me."

Dlamini said there were a lot of people against her especially in Fonteyn. She quoted an incident where she went there to campaign and was turned back by the community.

"I had bags of mealie meal that day, they told me to go back with them. It was only the elderly who insisted that I should leave the bags and I did it for their sake."

Dlamini said winning the elections meant that people still believed in her and she would continue to serve them.

She said she did not buy any votes but people saw her for the good person she is.

She further invited the other candidates who did not make it to help her in the development of the Mbabane East constituency.

"I know that some people hold on to the past but it is time to move forward and develop our constituency."


Swazi Observer

29 September 2008

I lost because I've got no money - Jabulani

By Nelsiwe Ndlangamandla

Jabulani Nxumalo says he lost the Mbabane East election because he had no money.

He says if he had the money, he would have done what his competitors did - buying voters booze and other things the voters would have wanted.

"I lost the elections, but with dignity - a clean conscience and clean hands because I did not destroy anybody's life by buying them alcohol."

Nxumalo said he believed that Esther Dlamini who beat him in the secondary elections is the right person to respresent the people of Mbabane in Parliament.

"The people have spoken and I believe they chose the right candidate."

Nxumalo said one thing that people forget is that they should do things with the future in mind.

Asked on what he would do to ensure he wins next time he said he would do nothing.

"There is nothing I would do because people need to have parties and booze which destroys their lives."

Nxumalo lost the Mbabane East Member of Parliament seat to Esther Dlamini.

Dlamini is going for her second term in parliament. Dlamini won with 1 621 votes while Nxumalo only had 682 votes.


Swazi Observer

29 September 2008

Jennifer wins elections for timphisini constituency

By Njabulo Dlamini

THE only woman candidate for Timphisini and former civil servant - Jennifer Du Pont-Shiba has won the elections in her constituency.

Her victory brings to seven the number of women MPs in the legislature so far after Esther Dlamini won at Mbabane East over the weekend.

But it looks like the outspoken Du Pont-Shiba, who was nominated at Ludzibini chiefdom but had her victory challenged at the High Court in the primary elections, is once again facing a similar predicament this time round.

No sooner had she been declared the winner that the other candidates protested and raised their displeasure noting she had not produce her letter of resignation from the civil service.

She had to quickly rush home to fetch the letter after Mphucuko Mamba, director of Multi-Care Automobile garage in Manzini - who was placed third - demanded that she produced it.

Eventually the former nurse at Herefords Clinic produced the letter.

During the same election, Nelson Mamba was elected Constituency Headman.

Du Pont amassed 928 votes. Of her victory, Du Pont said it was an exciting moment for her since it meant their (women) numbers in the legislature were increasing hence they would be in a position to lobby for legislation in their favour.

"I was constantly worried that Swaziland was still lagging behind in meeting the SADC quota of 30 % representation at the highest decision making level, parliament.

It pained me to realise that men were outnumbering us in the Legislature and no wonder laws in our favour were not passed.

"I believe together with the other women MPs, we will work together for a common goal of uplifting the fairer sex in all aspects," she said.

She said it was time people, especially women, were empowered to vote for each other since they outnumbered men in terms of population.

Asked what her priorities would be, she simply said that could best be answered by the electorate.

"They requested me to stand for elections and I did; therefore they are better placed to mandate me on what's next now that I have won".

Other women MPs are; Trusty Gina (Nkilongo), Nonhlanhla Dlamini (Ludzeludze), Hlobsile Ndlovu (Pigg's Peak), Thandi Nxumalo (Manzini South), Esther Dlamini (Mbabane East) and Siphiwe Kunene (Mhlume).


Swazi Observer

29 September 2008

Mphucuko loses, so does the community

IT remains to be seen whether Manzini businessman Mphucuko Mamba will continue with his projects now that he lost the elections under Timphisini constituency.

Mamba from Mvembili chiefdom, was helping residents earn a living through projects such as candle and floor polish manufacturing and had indicated this would be taken 'to a higher level'.

He had said his dream was to expand these and further help upgrade Lutheran Farmer's Training Centre - KaGesawu at Ngonini to be a fully fledged training institution in the same mould as Gwamile VOCTIM.

Mamba had said he would work on securing a market for farmers as their produce was rotting in their silos owing to unavailability of a market to sell.

"The other challenge affecting Timphisini constituency is water and I'll need to improve this especially from Msahweni area to Ludzibini chiefdom.

I'll have the ministries of Works and that of Agriculture assist me in realising this dream," Mamba said.

On the question of resources, he said these were plenty but somebody needed to push government into action, which he was willing to do.

However, yesterday his phone was off when attempts were made on his next step following the loss.

He lost to Jennifer Du Pont-Shiba who was the only woman candidate for the MP post in the constituency.

Mamba was third.

It was mainly at Ludzibini chiefdom where the tension was high as Mamba's campaign team was seen monitoring things closely as the other faction also kept an eye on proceedings.


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