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Times Sunday

28 September 2008

Esther Wins for Mbabane East


MABABANE— Esther Dlamini came out the victor in the long and hard fought battle to the august House in the Mbabane East Inkhundla yesterday.

Her journey to the august House’s hot seat was stalled by a protest by one Alfred Mndzebele who got a court order for a recount. She came out victorious after the recount of the ballot boxes. Her second hurdle was outsmarting Jabulani Nxumalo, who had become a thorn in her flash, and a hot contender for the seat in Parliament.

However, in yesterday’s election, hundreds of people came in their numbers, braving a very cold weather to exercise their right to vote for their choice of MP.

After weeks of rivarly between the two, the day of reckoning had finally come, and when the counting was conducted, it became clear the former MP was getting most of the votes.

Interestingly, she had received support from her friends in Parliament, Nkilongo MP Trusty Gina and Pigg’s MP Hlobsile Ndlovu. The counting for yesterday’s election was done last night, after an argument with the Elections and Boundaries Commission over when it should be done. The EBC had said the counting should be done today, but Nxumalo had said they wanted to count soon after the voting.

As it was, it was counted on the same night, and according to polling officers, and insiders, the result confirmed Esther Dlamini to have won, amid some wild jubilations among her camp.

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