Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Times of Swaziland

16 September 2008

Aspiring journo MPs fear no one


MBABANE - The three journalists in the race for Parliament want to tackle the issues they have been exposing head on.

The three are Rogers Mamba, Qedusizi Ndlovu, who were with SBIS and Senzo Dlamini of the Times of Swaziland.

Dlamini, who is an aspiring MP under the Lobamba constituency from the Elangeni Chiefdom, said the people of Lobamba should take up the chance of betterment by voting for him into Parliament.

He said this was their chance to continue the development from where outgoing MP Marwick Khumalo had left.

"I know that in our system it is impossible to divorce politics from development since people always look up to the MP to lead development. Likewise, I will look into both.

People of Lobamba should vote for me as I promise that I will tackle both national and development issues," he said.

He also said he was the ideal candidate because he was politically sound, understood national issues that were of importance to the people.

He said another good thing about him was that he knew Parliament procedures, which was a good thing because once he was voted into Parliament he was going to work not start by learning the procedures.

His slogan is ‘vote for a better future; economically, politically, socially and otherwise’.


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