Thursday, September 18, 2008


Times of Swaziland

18 September 2008

Aspiring MPs using local acts in promotional campaigns


MBABANE – As the secondary elections take place tomorrow, a number of local entertainers are being used as campaigning tools.

In fact they are making some extra cash by honouring aspiring MP’s invitations to perform at their constituencies.

This is not an entirely new and cheap strategy by the candidates; getting big names to perform at their constituencies is something that digs deep into the pocket.

But entertainers are laughing all the way to the bank.

In an interview with DJ Theo of Ingwe Mabala Bar at Ngwenya, he said, "Indeed entertainers are making a ‘killing’ from these elections, I guess it is their time".

The DJ (real name Theophelus Dlamini) stated that he was recently performing at Mdzimba High School courtesy of one of the candidates in that constituency.

This is the event, he added, in which gospel groups such as Emagawugawu and Shongwe & Khuphuka also featured.

Meanwhile, Swaziland Artists and Music Association (SWAMA) President Mshikishi Mndzebele stated in an interview that he himself has also performed at Timpisini.

"Of course I was paid. We used no live instruments, but CD backups," he said.

Afro-Jazz singer Bholoja said ever since the campaigning was officially opened he has been inundated with calls from candidates asking him to perform in their constituencies.

He did not say that he has honoured such invitations.

"Some have even asked me to perform free of charge," he added.


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