Thursday, September 25, 2008


Swazi Observer

22 September 2008

400 threaten march to EBC

By Starsky Mkhonta

OVER 400 residents from around Emampondweni and Ebulekeni under Zombodze Emuva resolved to march to the Elections and Boundaries Commission to register their misgivings.

The residents said they were to meet the EBC on Saturday to express their dissatisfaction that the elections under Zombodze Emuva were allowed to proceed even though there were anomalies. One such anomaly was a candidate who won fraudulently during the primary elections.

Muzi Mkhonta, one of the 400 residents who was among the ring leaders during the chaos that erupted at Zombodze on Friday, stated that the only remedy would be to meet the EBC, failing which they were prepared to take the matter 'a step further'.

"We are ready to report our concerns even to the King. There is clear indication that no one among the people entrusted to conduct the process is prepared to listen to us," he said.

Mkhonta said they wanted to have their feelings known even to the elections observers.

"We have not made any appointment but we know that we are going to be attended to when we get there,” said Mkhonta.


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