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Weekend Observer

20 September 2008

EX-PM praises EBC
By Alec Lushaba

Former Prime Minister Themba Dlamini has praised the Elections and Boundaries Commission for overseeing one of the most efficient and professionally conducted election processes yesterday.

The former prime minister who went to cast his vote at Ngcoseni, his home area, praised Chief Gija’s team for improving on the previous experience of long queues and delays and mix-up in voters’ roll.

“From all the places I passed today, lines were moving fast and it appears everything went smoothly,” Dlamini said.

He said they were now looking forward to the results being released.

“It is clear that the nation came out in their numbers and supported the exercise. We thank the nation for not only registering, but going to cast their votes,” he said.

Concerning the calls from progressive forces for change in the country, Dlamini said these people don’t know what they are talking about.

“If there is any person who is told of a Swaziland that is poor and not developed, we invite them to come to see for themselves what we have managed as a people. “This country in terms of development is better than any other serve for the bigger economy which is South Africa.

“The very same people who say Swaziland is poor and all that, when it suits them, they say we are a middle income country, which does not deserve assistance from international financial organisations,” he said.

The former prime minister said Swaziland, like any other country, has its own internal problems, which are not insurmountable.

“But I must say that we should not be called names for things we don’t do and what we are not. The lies that are being peddled will only haunt those who are spreading it,” he said.

The former prime minister said this system, at least now under the new Constitution has the checks and balances.

Meanwhile, EBC deputy chairman Mzwandile Fakudze also confirmed that the elections proceeded smoothly yesterday.

“There were no long queues this time around. In fact, our people are now waiting for voters to come in and we will close the polls without falling under any pressure,” he said.


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