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Times of Swaziland

23 September 2008

Njabulo blames chiefs for defeat


MBABANE – Former Health Minister Njabulo Mabuza has blamed three chiefs under his inkhundla for costing him a parliament seat.

Mabuza alleged that the three traditional leaders interfered with the voting process in that they allegedly instructed their subjects on who to vote for. He said his ultimate downfall was the decision to conduct the elections at the chiefdom level because that is where the voters received the orders.

The former Khubutha MP named the chiefdoms, but they cannot be printed as the chiefs’ side of the story on the allegations was still being sought.

"One chiefdom, however, took the crown because it has a large population and the chief’s act to sway the voters away from me was a big letdown," Mabuza complained.

The ex-minister, whose tenure was characterised by a lot of controversies because of the country’s failing health system, alleged that community police were also used by the traditional leaders to intimidate voters. Mabuza, whose highest education qualification is a Junior Certificate in Secondary Education, said even though he was bitter at the alleged conduct of the chiefs he was not going to take action against them. He alleged that even his campaign team was intimidated and threatened by some people.

"I have nonetheless seen that there is need for civic education so people know that no matter how much they could be intimidated they have to vote for the person of their choice," Mabuza said.


Times of Swaziland

23 September 2008

Esther wins case


MBABANE – Former Mbabane East Member of Parliament Esther Dlamini has won her dragging election case at the High Court.

It was a few minutes before noon when Justice Qinisile Mabuza declared Dlamini an official contender for the Mbabane East parliamentary seat.

"Short of a miracle, there is no way the applicant could cover the wide margin of votes accumulated between him and the respondent even if I were to set-aside the elections.

"In fact it will not serve any purpose for me to set-aside the results therefore the application is dismissed with costs," said Justice Mabuza.

The decision by the learned Judge has set-up a salivating secondary election battle between Dlamini and her bitter rival, Jabulani Nxumalo.

Judge Mabuza was short of saying ‘it’s is now official, the contest is on, Jabulani Nxumalo Vs Esther Dlamini and the winner goes to parliament’.

The application brought to court by the loser in the primary elections, Alfred Mndzebele, was for the primary elections result at Msunduza to be annulled.

The judge said the only contentious issue was the plea to have the elections set-aside because the ballot boxes were tampered with.

Passing judgement Justice Mabuza said the applicant failed to state how the ballot boxes were tampered with and how it affected him.

She emphasised on the issue of number of votes accumulated by Mndzebele and Dlamini.

"He does not state how the wide difference in the number of votes came about and how he intended to close in the event I set-aside the elections.

"I am of the view that the ballot boxes were not tampered with," said the learned Judge.

The applicant only attained 151 votes and Dlamini amassed a staggering 963.

It was brought to the attention of the court that 666 votes were not accounted for.

The Judge, in her judgement, said the applicant failed to convince the court that the 666 votes would be his.


The learned judge said even if the votes would be removed from the ballot boxes the applicant would still not match the numbers attained by the respondent.

Justice Jacobus Annandale, on September 4, issued an order that the ballot boxes be brought to court for inspection.

Another inspection order was issued by Justice Mabuza last week Thursday and the judgement issued yesterday was based on the reports of the inspections.

Lawyer Mduduzi Mabila appeared for Mndzebele whilst Mandla Mdluli represented Esther Dlamini.

Ticheme Dlamini appeared for the Elections and Boundaries Commission and the Attorney General.


Times of Swaziland

23 September 2008

Trusty Gina re-elected


MBABANE – Former parliament deputy speaker Trusty Gina has been re-elected Member of Parliament for Nkilongo constituency.

Gina’s victory comes after she was dragged to the high court by other contestants after the primary elections who complained that the voting process was marred by irregularities.

She, however, won in court and the election proceeded on Sunday, two days after the official date of the elections.

Gina was able to amass 932 votes to win the elections.

Gina’s victory is a boost to the ‘vote for a woman campaign’ which has so far been a disappointment as a few women who joined the parliament race have made it through.

Gina is the first woman in the country to hold the post of deputy speaker in parliament and her control of the august House was sometimes viewed as iron-fisted.

During the nomination stage of the elections Gina brought the process to a standstill after she was mobbed by her mostly female followers.

Gina’s victory now brings to five the number of women MPs and one remaining contender is former Mbabane East MP Esther Dlamini.

the results:

Trusty Gina – 932 votes

Bongani Mamba – 817 votes

James Gulwako – 592 votes

Derrick Mamba – 439 votes

Bonagni Ndlovu – 133 votes


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