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Swazi Observer

22 September 2008

(This file contains several reports)

Prince Mfanasibili loses for umpteenth time, gets agitated

By Nelsiwe Ndlangamandla

Prince Mfanasibili says it is early days to decide whether or not to try again in 2013.

The Prince lost for the upteenth time over the weekend losing out to businesswoman, Thandi Nxumalo for the Manzini North seat in Parliament.

The Prince sounded agitated after another loss in his political career.

“It is not necessary for me to say whether I will be standing in for the elections or not.”

The Prince did not take it kindly that he was being asked about the results of the elections.

“Everyone knows about the results so there is no need to ask me,” he said.

He further stated that he needed not comment about the elections since it was open to everyone who the people elected in Manzini North.

The Prince won the Primary Elections for Coates Valley with the highest margin compared the person who was second.


Doward wins again at Somntongo

By Faith Vilakati

DOWARD Sihlongonyane has bounced back as the MP of Somntongo Constituency.

He recorded 782 votes to beat his six competitors. In second place was Sandile Nxumalo who recorded 780 votes.

The others were Papa Matsenjwa with 600, Jethro Shiba who recorded 500, Daniel Ndlovu with 200, Siboniso Mkhatshwa who have160 and Sipho Gina, who recorded 300 votes.

Bheki already has a work plan

MTSAMBAMA Member of Parliament (MP) Bheki ‘No Problem’ Mkhonta has promised to work with community members, Bucopho and Indvuna yeNkhundla to develop constituency.

Interviewed yesterday, Mkhonta said he was planning to first have a meeting with all the iimiphakatsis under the constituency where they would discuss the way forward.

He said he already had strategies in mind that he had already set but still needed the people of the area to assist him.

“I hope that we will be able to work as a team and I am at an dvantage because I know all the people’s needs. I know their challenges. I would like to thank all the people who showed their confidence in me by voting for me,” he said.

Mkhonta said he had not yet set the dates on which he would visit the areas for the meetings.

Meanwhile, former radio personality Cedusizi Ndlovu said he was aware that the people did not have water and food, which is one of the things he has to work on as a matter of agency.

“There is totally no hope in the people, so, I have a challenge of bringing it back as soon as I can,” said Ndlovu. He stressed though that with the help of the community members everything would be normal very soon.

Lutfo Dlamini of Ndzingeni, on the other hand, said the people had spoken and he saw nothing wrong with that.

The elections at Mhlangatane Inkhundla were won by Mbalekelwa Ndwandwe, who scooped 1994 votes, beating seven competitors. The number of votes recorded by the other aspiring MPs could not be gathered.

Mkhiweni MP Rodgers ‘Nyonende’ Mamba

“I would like to thank the people for showing confidence in me and promise to work with them. I am sure that they noted that I have qualities and the ability to work on some of the things they want, so, with them we shall conquer.”


Ace Mashwama dribbles his way to victory
By Ackel Zwane

SITEKI business magnate Joseph Sousa has won in the parliamentary elections for Siteki Inkhundla.

Former football maestro Nicodenous ‘Ace’ Mashwama of Mpolonjeni has also won in his area.

Sousa stood for the election at kaLanga while Mashwama was in Mpolonjeni.

Voters in this part of the world are particularly interested in development projects that will lead to the provision of water in the drought stricken and impoverished rural area.

There had been misgivings in Mpolonjeni during the primary elections that Mashwama was campaigning even before it was sanctioned. This was after a royal bodyguard paraded a t-shirt written 'Vote for Mashwama' the day the primary elections were shifted to the following day after it was announced that there were no ballot papers.

At kaLanga, there were long queues and speculation was rife that Sousa was the favourite. At Mpolonjeni, Mashwama had gained popularity for his generosity, especially because he runs a church project in which he is pastor.


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