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Swazi Observer

25 September 2008

AG punches hole in elections

By Nelsiwe Ndlangamandla

ATTORNEY General Majahenkhaba Dlamini has observed that candidates bribed voters to win parliamentary seats in the recent elections.

Dlamini said there were a lot of mischievous deeds done by the candidates. However, he said, he did not want to be specific about some of the people and the things they did.

"There are a lot of things that happened but I can not be specific since that would seem I am attacking people."

Dlamini said people declared publicly that they were given money to vote.

He said that was not the way to win in an election.

"There has to be no use of money when campaigning but people's actions and their work should win them the parliamentary seats."

He said the candidates knew what was expected of them but they continued to break the law.

"Giving people money is against the law and the candidates know that but they continue defying the law."

Dlamini stated that, all in all, the elections were free and fair.

He said the elections were better this time around because the candidates were not controlled on which topics to speak on.

"The fact that the candidates were allowed to speak on any topic they wanted, showed that the elections were free and fair."

...Mfomfo sees next cabinet shortchanged

EX Member of Parliament Mfomfo Nkambule has felt pity for the next cabinet ministers who will be forced to work with a various boards they did not have time to elect.

These are boards that were hastily appointed by the outgoing cabinet but will have to work with a different set of ministers for the next three years.

"Logic dictates that the ministers do not know the members of these boards yet they are the ones to have appointed them," says Nkambule.


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