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Times of Swaziland

15 September 2008

No changes after re-voting


LUDZIBINI – The nominees who had run to court against the civil servant partaking in the election have bowed out of the race to Parliament.

This comes after they were not nominated during the restart of the nominations exercise held on Saturday. The primary elections are the next stage to be held at this area before they join the rest for the secondary on Friday. It could not be established from the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) when these would be held.

Those that missed out are Vusi Motsa, Bukhosi Dlamini and Mbongiseni Mhlanga.

Ludzibini is situated just near Ndlamaphi before Buhleni.

The former civil servant who was being challenged in court has been nominated again.

The Herefords Clinic nurse, Jennifer Du Pont, who resigned, got huge support the minute her name was nominated.

Residents screamed while panicking to second the nurse.

"simfuna ephalamende nome kanjani (we want her in Parliament no matter what)," screamed her supporters.

Notable, the candidates who protested against the nurse were not present during the nomination exercise.

However, one was nominated back into the race to Parliament.

In the previous elections, Du Pont came first after getting 466 votes.

Following are the nominated candidates for the position of MP.

1.Mzondi Mkhonta

2.Jennifer Du Pont

3.Sabelo Ndwandwe

4.Joseph Mavimbela

5.Nomaswazi Kunene

6.Josephat Lukhele

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