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Times of Swaziland

12 September 2008

My competitor paid voters E50 - Sipheshula


MBABANE – The aspiring Member of Parliament who is a traditional healer has alleged, in court, that his competitor paid voters E50 to vote for her.

Sipheshula Mthethwa, who is an aspiring Member of Parliament at Shiselweni Two under Mbangweni Umphakatsi, accuses Mildred Mkhabela, a University lecturer, of decampaigning him.

"The 1st and 2nd respondents were going around the homesteads and business areas informing voters that I had been excluded from the list of candidates competing for the position of an MP because of my lack of education," he alleged.

He contested that Mkhabela would give E50 to voters to solicit them to vote for her.

"I enclose hereto the confirmatory affidavits of those who were informed that I had been excluded by government from participating in the elections because I’m illiterate.

They further confirm that they were given E50 each by Mkhabela so that they can vote for her," he alleged.

In his founding affidavit, he alleged that he was eliminated because it was said he would not cope with parliamentary business.

He alleges that they said he could not understand English, which is the medium of communication in parliament.

Mthethwa said during the primary elections people approached him to relate how they were surprised to see his name and picture amongst the candidates.

He further submitted in his papers that he registered a complaint with the EBC but to-date they have still not addressed the anomaly nor communicated with him.

Mthethwa is seeking an order declaring the elections held at Mbangweni Umphakatsi null and void.

He is also praying that pending finalisation of the matter the court issue an order directing that the primary elections at Mbangweni be held afresh on account of their irregularity.

He is represented by Bongani Sidney Dlamini and the matter is still pending before court.

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