Thursday, September 25, 2008


Swazi Observer

22 September 2008

Tensions mount at Kwaluseni

By Ackel Zwane

TENSION is high in Kwaluseni following the cancellation of elections last week. Residents claim there are running battles especially in the night among supporters of two main factions, that of Sibusiso Nkambule and Sibusiso Dlamini. The two have taken one another to court with allegations of unfair practices during electioneering.

On Saturday some residents said they had nothing to do with either candidate but feared that the drawn daggers might lead to serious bloodshed. However it is hoped that the courts will decide on the matter affecting the two.

The secondary elections could not proceed after it was ruled that primary elections should start afresh because of a matter involving nearby Logoba.

Sibusiso 'Mabhanisi' Dlamini, although reluctant to elaborate on the relations between the two factions, he acknowledged that the situation was dangerous because of the running battles.

Patrons at Bhiza's place were huddled in corners and spoke in harshed tones as opoposed to the usual tempo of high spirits.

Battle lines have also been drawn alongside Kwaluseni Rebels, the main football team that is a crowd puller. It is also said some of the candidates engineered in such a way that some stood for the election only to divert votes to one final favourite.


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