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Times of Swaziland

22 September 2008

(This file contains several reports)

Elijah, 34 ex-MPs out!


MBABANE- The close to four months national elections process has ended on a note that sees a large number of new faces elected for the parliament seats.

Official results released by the Elections and Boundaries Commission yesterday showed that about 70 percent of the outgoing MPs failed to make it into parliament.

Only 27 percent of the outgoing MPs bounced back but this figure could change if some of the five pending constituencies qualify.

By yesterday, of the 55 former MPs only 15 managed to retain their positions. This means that about 35 failed to make it back to parliament so far.

Some of the outgoing MPs who crashed out include three cabinet ministers, Njabulo Mabuza, Sgayoyo Magongo and Elijah Shongwe.

Some of the MPs crashed out during the nominations, which is the first phase of the elections process. The likes of Dumsile Sukati, Majozi Sithole, Obed Dlamini and Mfomfo Nkhambule did not enter the parliamentary race from the beginning.

Most of them crashed out during the primary elections and the few who went through failed at the end.

Gundwane Gamedze was one of those who won the elections on a clean slate as he got 3 122 votes to retain his position.

Voting results started streamlining in from Saturday with the last few yesterday morning.

The Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) released the 50 names of the elected MPs in a press conference at 4pm and hailed the process as historic due to numbers that registered for the elections.


Timothy stuns in ‘Bin laden’ disguise


LUBULINI – Ncandvweni Christ Ambassadors lead singer Timothy Myeni showed up for the elections wearing a mask.

The disguise seemed to be a good omen for the award winning artist who emerged a winner of the Lubulini parliamentary elections.

Myeni tricked many a voter with his fake beard as no one could figure out who he was until this newspaper’s photographer sought his name after having taken his picture.

"Who is that old man with an Osama Bin Laden beard?" enquired one voter of his friends who all laughed at the sight of the ‘unknown’ man sporting a unique beard.

Myeni seemed to enjoy the fun of not being recognised but he eventually gave himself away when he blurted in his Zulu accent that he was one of the voters.

One man who was close by quickly figured out who he was and shouted "it’s Timothy", much to the amazement of many.

Myeni was able to even fool the polling officials who could not tell who he was after he greeted and waved at them.

"I wonder who they think I am," Myeni said with a smile.

Myeni is going back to parliament for his second successive term after beating tight competition from former Moneni Pirates soccer star Sanele Gina.

Myeni amassed an impressive 1613 votes while Gina garnered 1305.


Hlobsile weeps


PIGG’S PEAK – Hlobsile Ndlovu, re-elected Pigg’s Peak MP, yesterday broke down to tears during a prayer as she made some startling revelations of abuse against her.

She told residents here that she was attacked, cursed and rebuked during her campaign.

Speaking during a thanksgiving prayer that was attended particularly by her supporters and family members at her home place, the Pigg’s Peak Quarters, said some people tried to bring her down with the help of ritual practices.

She was once called into a kombi and shown a box of ritual bones that had been displayed to determine her downfall into the struggle to Parliament. This happened during the nomination exercise.

The ex-deputy Minister of Regional Development and Youth Affairs did not divulge any names.

She also said a traditionalist, who claimed to have been sent by his ancestors, tried to convince Ndlovu to seek the intervention of traditional doctors in order to break a curse clouding her family members.

The traditionalist told Ndlovu that her late father was angry with her and that has created bad luck for the family. However, Ndlovu refused to engage herself in all these ‘absurd’ practices.

"I told myself that God is with me and that I should not be shaken. I proudly told the traditionalist that I couldn’t associate myself with ‘predictions’ but God will pave my way," said the spiritually high Ndlovu before breaking down to tears.

She further told the residents that prayer was the only option that would see the success of the town and its people.

She said her previous term in Parly was unsuccessful because of too much hatred amongst the people she had to work with.


Dubula ‘shoots’ out ex-SNAT chief


HHUKWINI –Former Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT) executive member Saladdin Magagula is out of the race.

Magagula, who is a teacher by profession, lost to TechnoServe employee Mkhululi Dubula Dlamini, by 57 votes. During the counting, no one thought that Dlamini would emerge the winner as Magagula was the favourite just after the primary elections.

Dlamini, who claims to have spent about E5 000 during his campaigns, stated that the only thing that made him successful was that he told the people the truth. "It was not easy because there were only two of us competing, but I had the confidence that I would make it and indeed I have made it. I am really excited about winning," he said.

When asked as to what his first motion would be when he gets to Parliament, he said it would be poverty eradication.

"Poverty is the main issue for me and the rest will follow. I will also be working hand-in- hand with my people and make sure that I give them what they want as I have been chosen by them," he said.

He said he was yet to meet the community members to get their views before going to Parliament.

"Rest assured, I will be working with the people. The people have spoken and it is time I be their voice," he said.


Pastor with JC certificate wins elections


MBABANE – A pastor, whose education level is up to the Junior Certificate level, is Mbabane West’s Member of Parliament.

Leader of the Church of God of Prophesy Pastor Johane Mandlenkosi Shongwe, who is also a former police officer, was able to beat three of his competitors.

He said he failed to complete his education at Swazi National High School due to lack of funds. He said not completing school would not be a hurdle because he had been working with the people as Bucopho for the past five years and understood their needs. He recorded 1 050 votes after the counting session held at the Mbabane Central High School.

Dlamini said his main weapon that helped him to win the elections was the fact that he always told the people that he would be working closely with them.

"There is nothing more. I had to tell them the truth and nothing else," he said.

He pointed out that he was no longer a developer but was now a politician.

When asked if being in parliament would not disturb him as a man of God, he said there was no way he could stop preaching as he is what he is today because of the Lord.

"Believe me my brother. It is important for one to become a Christian. Many people have failed because they have not been able to follow God’s direction. I am here to stay," he said.

Shongwe said he would also be giving others a chance as he did not want to make the parliament seat his.


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