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Times of Swaziland

17 September 2008

Aspiring MP receives death threats


NHLANGANO - An aspiring Member of Parliament is spending sleepless nights after receiving death threats.

David Kunene who won at Mashobeni chiefdom under Gege Inkhundla has since reported the threats to the police. Kunene alleged that while he was driving from a campaining rally at Sidwala last Thursday, he received calls from a man with a Zulu accent.

He alleged that this happened when he was about to cross the Mkhondvo Bridge from Mashobeni to Nhlangano.

"He said he had been sent to kill me as I was owing someone yet I am campaigning for a Parliament seat, which meant I had money to spend while his client is suffering. He said he is a professional in dealing with people of my behaviour when it comes to money issues," the aspiring MP alleged.

Kunene went on to say the man said they needed to meet in order to settle the matter.

"Shaken I drove to Nhlangano. Upon reaching town the man who did not hide his cellphone number called again. He said he was giving me a last chance to settle the debt or else my relatives should set a burial date for me," he said.

Days later, Kunene said police informed him that they had tracked down the man.

"They said he was from Siteki but his home is at Ntjanini in the Shiselweni region" Kunene narrated the issue that has sent shivers to his family.

Despite all this he said he was not prepared to back away from the elections. Asked why he linked the incident to the elections he said, "It is because I owe no one. Also one of my competitors has been asking about my movements these days," he alleged.

Police Public Relations Officer Superintendent Vusi Masuku confirmed the incident, stating that Nhlangano police were investigating.


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