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Swazi Observer

26 September 2008

No NNLC members elected into parliament

By Timothy Simelane

NONE of Ngwane National Liberation Congress (NNLC) members have been elected to parliament, the political party has said.

Chairperson of the NNLC Women’s League Ntombi Nkosi, who also sits in the Executive Committee, says a decision was taken by the party that members would not take part in the elections.

This despite that in the past parliament, the party’s former President Obed Dlamini was a member of parliament elected under the Nhlambeni Inkhundla. Dlamini is also a former Prime Minister.

Nkosi said in the previous parliament, there was no definitive decision on whether the party would take part in the elections. “This time we, as members of the Swaziland United Democratic Front (SUDF), took a decision not to participate in the elections because we do not endorse the system by which the elections are held,” she said.

The NNLC is one of political parties which met election observers and registered concern that their will is to participate in the election only as a political party. However, one political party, Sive Siyinqaba Sibahle Sinje participated in the elections and further said they were free and fair. Some members of Sive were elected to parliament. calls big meet tomorrow

The NNLC has called an extraordinary meeting for members to a venue to be announced tomorrow at 10 am.

Nkosi said there were important issues to be ironed out in the meeting.

She said the venue would be confirmed today. “People who have interest in the organisation are also invited. We will also have a braai to raise funds for the organisation.” She emphasised that members from the Manzini region should attend without fail.


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