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20 September 2008

Cabinet Dissolved, Bheki now in charge


MBABANE – The term of the current team of Cabinet ministers has ended.

The dissolution of Cabinet was announced at Nkhanini offices on Thursday by the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) Chairman Chief Gija Dlamini.

It is believed that the dissolution of Cabinet was meant to clear the way for the parliamentary elections that took place yesterday as some of the ministers were taking part in the parliamentary race.

"As is the usual practice when elections for Members of Parliament come, Cabinet is dissolved," said Dlamini.

"His Majesty King Mswati III has accordingly dissolved the Cabinet of ministers of the Government of Swaziland with effect from today (Thursday) September 18, 2008," said Dlamini.

In the absence of ministers for the various ministries, the principal secretaries will hold fort.

"With Cabinet dissolved, principal secretaries will continue doing their work as usual," said Dlamini.

Dlamini said in the event there are matters that would warrant the attention of the Prime Minister those matters need to be referred to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the King’s Office, Bheki Dlamini.

In essence Bheki is now in-charge of government operations. He will remain the captain until a new government is in place.

Government Spokesperson Percy Simelane had said just a day ago the constitution guaranteed Cabinet ministers to stay on past the elections.

He was wrong.


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