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Times of Swaziland

3 October 2008

Anti-Corruption asked to probe MP Thandi’s win


MBABANE – New Manzini South Member of Parliament Thandi Nxumalo has been reported to the Anti Corruption Commission.

A resident is seeking a probe into her elections win.

Nxumalo, who is a former Senator, has been accused of not being a resident of the area thus did not qualify to stand for elections in the constituency.

The resident of the area has sent the copies of his letter of complaint to other bodies like the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) as well as the media saying Nxumalo should have stood for elections at Manzini South by virtue of her being a resident of Fairview South (Helemisi).

"With due respect I would like to bring to your attention that the new Manzini South MP Thandi Nxumalo is a defaulter at the Manzini South Inkhundla as she is not a resident of Moneni and by the look of things she does not intend to be one," the resident alleges.

The resident alleges that Nxumalo colluded with a certain woman (name withheld) of Moneni to outsmart the voters by renting a one room flat at the anonymous woman’s residence.

"Can you imagine a whole ex-Senator driving a 3 series BMW staying in a one room flat?" the resident wrote.

The resident claims that Nxumalo has never even stayed in this one room flat "and I doubt that she ever set her foot inside this one room flat".

The complainant further claims that Nxumalo should have been a resident of or associated with the area for five years in order to qualify to be a parliamentarian

Contacted on the allegations, MP Nxumalo said the one room flat at Moneni is occupied by one of her school-going children.

She said she belongs to the Manzini South constituency, but refused to elaborate preferring to refer this publication to the area’s elders.

A member of the area’s inner council, Solomon Shekwa defended Nxumalo by stating that she belongs to Manzini South after going through the khonta system.

"She even paid a cow to the area’s traditional authorities as part of the khonta process," Shekwa contended.

...MP’s shack raises eyebrows

MONENI – A shack built on a piece of land owned by MP Thandi Nxumalo has raised eyebrows among the residents.

In the letter of complaint by one of the residents over her elections win, it alleges that she built the shack in this area in order to win a parliament seat.

This is something Nxumalo strongly disputes.

She acknowledges that the structure belongs to her, but said she was in the process of building a proper house there.

She said she would use that structure to put building material there while they are still building.

The much disputed structure is made of planks, sits on top of a hill and is not easily accessible either by foot or when driving.

A person travelling by car has to abandon the vehicle close to a kilometre away and travel on foot to the shack.


Even then the terrain is not favourable and walking up to the structure is a difficult task.

MP Nxumalo acknowledged the impossible terrain said she also accesses the structure by foot.

"I do not have a car and I always travel on foot when going to the shack but no one lives there at the moment as construction is still ongoing," Nxumalo stated.


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