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Swazi Observer

15 October 2008

Mtiti abused powers - Mahlaba

By Sabelo Mamba

UNIVERSITY of Swaziland Lecturer Mahlaba Mamba has taken former Minister of Agriculture and Co-operatives Mtiti Fakudze to High Court for an order disqualifying him as an elected Member of Parliament under Dvokodvweni Constituency.

Mamba, who is a former Cabinet Minister himself, alternatively wants the court to declare the process and results of the secondary national elections conducted on September 19 null and void.

Mamba, in his affidavit, argues that Fakudze’s campaign was based on a combination of abuse of his powers as minister of State and sheer threats against those who considered voting for another candidate.

He says Fakudze assured the community that he would instruct officials in the ministry of public works and transport to rehabilitate the gravel road from Sigcaweni to Dvokodvweni Constituency and that this would be done before the end of the week.

“True to his words, a dozer arrived in the area within a couple of days and rehabilitated the road over a period of about one week,” he alleges.

Mamba further alleges that Fakudze sent a government tanker to supply water in the area.

He also claims that on the voting day at Malindza High School polling station centre, Fakudze brought voters from areas that were outside the boundaries of Dvokodvweni Constituency. “These voters came from Siweni area, which is under Hlane Constituency,” he states.

Mamba says during the primary elections these voters had actually voted at Hlane Constituency, where they belonged.

“I submit that the issues canvassed above are individually serious enough to taint the elections process with illegality and malpractice,” he argues.

Mamba is being represented by Titus Mlangeni while Fakudze is being defended by Bheki Maphalala.

The case is pending at the High Court.

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