Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Swazi Observer

30 September 2008

Walter Bennett, Mfomfo favoured for senate seats

A number of people and elected MPs say Mbabane Mayor Walter Bennett and Former MP Mfomfo Nkhambule are highly favoured for Senate seats.

They say Bennett is crucial to fight corruption, whilst Nkhambule is useful to fearlessly criticise government on behalf of the people.

Nkwene MP Aaron Dladla said: “I have not worked with Bennett but have seen his work because it always publicised. However, Mfomfo has the necessary eye to see things that others cannot see. He certainly deserves to go to parliament.”

Hlane MP Mduduzi Magagula says Bennett is certainly the material needed to make Senate.

“We need him in Senate because he is capable of fighting corruption, especially within the ranks of government.”

Other MPs said they reserved their comments until the day in which they will have the right to elect Senators.

Meanwhile, other members of the public said the two were needed in Senate.

“I support their decision not to stand for the elections because they do not deserve to entangle themselves with issues of Tinkhundla Centres. They are essential to keep government on toes,” said a Mbabane man who declined to be named.

Mandla Mbetse said his appeal to the elected MPs and the appointing authorities was that they should not forget the names of Mfomfo Nkhambule and Walter Bennett.

“These are the men who make parliament strong,” he said.

Nkhambule went on record recently saying he would not mind being a Senator because it would ease him the burden of being a development officer, but would concentrate on making policies for the country.


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