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Weekend Observer

11 October 2008

Only Ngoma, Thandi bounced back

By Fanyana Mabuza

Only two members of the last Senate have bounced back. The Senate members nominated by MPs in the last Parliament who will be returning again are Ngom’yayona Gamedze and Thandi Shongwe, who were also nominated and elected by the current crop of MPs at Parliament yesterday. Gamedze was Deputy President while Shongwe served as Minister for Tourism, Environment and Communications in the last Parliament.

Below is a list of MP elected Senators in the last Parliament:

1. Rowan Howe

2. Ngomuyayona Gamedze

3. Adam Bomber Mtsetfwa

4. Mike Temple

5. Isaac Shabangu

6. Albert Shabangu (Late and replaced by Thandi Nxumalo)

7. Thandi Shongwe

8. Winnie Magagula

9. Nokukhanya Gamedze

10. Mary Magwaza

The new MP elected members of the Senate are:

1. Thandi Shongwe

2. Robert Zwane

3. Ngom’yayona Gamedze

4. Bhutana Dlamini

5. Tom Mndzebele

6. Bon’sile Mngometulu

7. Nozubele Bujela

8. Nelsiwe Shongwe

9 .Ndileka Dlamini

10. Victor Makhosezwe Malambe

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