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4 October 2008

Majority wants A.T back as PM


MBABANE- There are members of the public who still have confidence in former Prime Ministers Obed Dlamini, Sibusiso Dlamini and A.T Dlamini and feel the king should give them another chance.

This is contained in the litany of lists submitted by members of the public on, who should be the next PM. This publication threw an open invitation to members of the public to nominate candidates for both the PM’s position and Cabinet posts.

From the look of things, a majority of the people who submitted their lists feel A.T deserves another term. Sibusiso is also a hot favourite followed by Mathendele and the rest.

A surprise and abnormal nomination for the PM position is that of businessman and Mbabane Mayor Walter Bennett, who is not a Dlamini. In Swaziland only Dlaminis are eligible for appointment as PMs.

Others who have been nominated for PM position include Mabili Dlamini (former Housing Minister), Mathendele Dlamini (former Foreign Affairs Minister), Gideon Dlamini of Salile fame, Waqunga Dlamini (member of Border Restoration Commission), former AG Phesheya Dlamini and many others.

There are also interesting nominations for ministers’ positions. New kids on the block and former radiomen Rodgers Mamba (Mkhiweni Inkhundla) and Qedusizi Ndlovu (Matsanjeni Inkhundla) have also been nominated for various ministerial positions. The country’s political black sheep Marwick Khumalo (Lobamba Lomdzala) has been nominated for various Cabinet posts.

Former Deputy Minister Hlob’sile Ndlovu has also been nominated for a full blown term as a Cabinet minister, SPTC’s Corporate Affairs Manager and mother to Inkhosikati LaMahlangu Lindiwe Dlamini has also been nominated for a Cabinet position and Gundwane Gamedze (Siphofaneni) has been nominated. Gamedze recorded the highest votes in the whole country during the recent elections.


A majority felt Mtiti Fakudze (Dvokodvweni) should retain his position as Agriculture Minister. Lutfo Dlamini (Ndzingeni) is also toyed around for varying ministerial positions.

SEC Managing Director Pius Gumbi is also nominated for a ministerial post by the people together with chairman of his company’s Board of Directors Sthofeni Ginindza. PUDEMO President Mario Masuku also appears in the list of suggested Cabinet ministers together with Prince Lonkhokhela.

There are others who feel Dr Phetsile Dlamini (former Health Minister) must bounce back in politics and Poppy Khoza is also part of the lists. Praise singer and soldier Cethuka Dlamini is also wanted in Cabinet. We thank everyone who participated.


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