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Swazi Observer

8 October 2008

7 complain against Thandi Nxumalo

Stories by Faith Vilakati

SEVEN men from Mhobodleni, outside Manzini city, yesterday stormed the Manzini Regional Police Headquarters to lodge a complaint against Manzini South MP and former Senator, Thandi Nxumalo.

They complained that Nxumalo was not a resident of the area thus was illegible to be voted for as she is a Manzini North resident.

Before going to the police headquarters, they went to one Cedrick Mamba at New Village whom they accused of being a sell-out in that he accepted a soccer kit presented by Nxumalo.

Mamba was beaten by the men while he was walked to Mhobodleni where he was instructed to explain why he betrayed the youth of the area.

“Yes, he was beaten but it was not a thorough lashing. The beating happened along the way as we took him to where he was to explain to us and even there we gave him another beating. It was not bad because he could walk to the police headquarters and back home,” he said.

Also present when the matter was reported to the police was Sibusiso Mndzebele, who said the youth of the area was bitter at Mamba for working with Nxumalo yet they agreed that they would help one Bongani Dlamini to Parliament.

Mndzebele promised that now that the matter was reported to the police they would await the outcome of the investigations as they had promised and take it from there.

Mamba was forced to take the soccer kit to the police until investigations are through and if necessary, he may have to take it back to Nxumalo.

He confirmed having a misunderstanding with the youth of the area.

“The youth alleged that I was bribed by Nxumalo yet that is not the case.

“Nxumalo asked to buy us a soccer kit and I agreed and I believed there was nothing wrong with that,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mndzebele also revealed that they intended to file an application to the High Court to nullify the results of the elections.

“We are yet to meet and decide what to do on the matter."

Nxumalo said she cannot say much because such issues were handled by her campaign agents during the elections.

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