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Swazi Observer

28 August 2008

Nullify ‘dark’ ntondozi results

By Sabelo Mamba

A woman of Ntondozi wants the High Court to nullify the primary elections at Ntondozi Umphakatsi on the grounds that it was already dark when voting process continued.

Ntokozo Alma Mabuza in her application, says on Saturday at around 5: 30 pm, it became dark inside the hall where the elections were being conducted.

She alleges that as a result, the rest of the campaigners complained about the darkness to the Presiding Officer, Abraham Mkhonta and the unlawful extension of the voting period.

Mabuza says at 6 pm candles were placed at Mkhonta's instructions in each polling booth so that the voters could see.

"Some of them would be blown off and the voting process became chaotic as now and again, the officials had to light the candles," she argues.

She contends that the elections started at 9: 30 a.m and were supposed to proceed until 5 p.m.

Mabuza says apparently there were lot of people on the said day, adding that by 5 p.m they did not stop "nor were we advised by the relevant officials why the elections were proceeding." She is applying for an interim order returnable of September 5, calling upon the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) to show cause it should not be forced to avail within 24 hours the list of people who voted.

Mabuza further wants the list of people who voted on Saturday to be separate from Sunday voters.

She is being represented by Mbuso Simelane and the matter will be heard tomorrow.

The overall winner was B.B. Dlamini with 62 followed by Mzwandile Dlamini, who got 60 votes.


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