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Swazi Observer

9 September 2008

Campaign smearing at Dvokolwako

By Faith Vilakati

In the aftermath of heated campaign leading to the secondary elections, some voters have revealed misconduct among competitors. As a result the name of Chief Malamlela Magagula of Dvokolwako has been brought to the fore.

At the centre of the said misconduct is contestant Gideon Dlamini and radio personality Rogers Mamba. They are both battling to become members of parliament under the Mkhiweni Inkhundla.

The allegation against the chief is that he threatened voters of the other candidate with eviction if they did not vote for the other.

It was said the chief came hard on some residents for voting for Mamba because he was from Kutsimuleni and instructed them to rally behind Dlamini who is from Emvelo.

This was during the campaigning process that was held at Emvelo Umphakatsi last Saturday.

One of the residents who attended the meeting, speaking on condition of anonymity said the chief first lambasted the area's Bucopho accusing her of influencing the people to elect Mamba instead of Dlamini.

"The chief told the meeting how disappointed he was at the Bucopho and some of the people for failing to second someone from the area. He told us that he would evict all those defying his instructions. He also lamented that the area's Bucopho was the ring leader in seconding Mamba," said the source.

"It's all lies - Chief Malamlela

Chief Malamulela denied threatening voters, saying there was no way he could do that.

"I am old and have been in this seat for sometime now, the people do come to the Umphakatsi to campaign, so if that was the case with me I would have chased them away," said the disappointed chief.

Indvuna Malindane Maseko on the other hand said the chief only warned the community members against threatening to kill one another.

Maseko explained that this followed reports that there were people who were threatening to shoot one another.

"We gathered that the threats came after the primary elections and the chief just condemned that and pleaded with the people to work as a team and towards the development of the area," said Maseko.

The Indvuna added that as Umphakatsi they were ready to work with any person who would finally win the seat in parliament and to them all the candidates were equally important.


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