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Times of Swaziland

26 August 2008

The people have spoken – Magongo

MBABANE – When cabinet is finally dissolved, only one cabinet minister will know for sure that he is not returning to Parliament, at least not through elections.

Public Service and Information Minister S’gayoyo Magongo was the only minister who lost out on a Parliamentary seat among his colleagues who participated in the elections.

The other ministers who contested in the elections were Lutfo Dlamini (Endzingeni), Njabulo Mabuza (Kubuta), Elijah Shongwe (Motshane), Mtiti Fakudze (Dvokodvweni) and Hlobsile Ndlovu (Pigg’s Peak).

Natural Resources and Energy Minister Dumsile Sukati (Manzini North) and Majozi Sithole at Finance did not stand for nominations.

It is also not guaranteed that those who have been successful so far will be legislators after all. Their honourable status will be decided by voters on September 19, 2008 during the secondary elections.

Magongo was contesting a seat at Herefords under Mayiwane constituency. He was competing against the area’s outgoing MP Vusi Dlamini who, ironically, also crashed out with Magongo.

Interviewed, the minister was gracious in defeat.

"Well, the people have spoken. That’s the beauty of democracy, people choose whom they feel is the right candidate," he stated.

Asked on his decision to change constituencies, Magongo said Herefords was home and he was bound to return home at some point. Regarding his next step, the minister said he was yet to decide but emphasised that he was not despondent as life must go on.


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