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Times of Swaziland

25 August 2008

Voting nullified at Mabonabulawe


NHLANGANO-Mabonabulawe and Ndushulweni Chiefdoms continued to be problem children of the elections process.

Voting was nullified at Mabonabulawe, while it was postponed again at Ndushulweni.Mabonabulawe is under Shiselweni I Inkhundla, while Ndushulweni is under Ngudzeni Inkhundla.

According to former Shiselweni I MP Vusi Sithole, the Presiding officer at the Chief’s Kraal, Melusi Hlandze told them everything had been nullified. "He told us that everything had been nullified because they were many elections errors. He did not state the blunders but only told us another date will be availed and we should come back again. This was despite that they had told us we should come today to finish as on Saturday we could not finish because some voters were left out," said Sithole, who was found with a group at Masiphula High School where voting was to take place.

At Ndushulweni, voters protested and toyi-toyied after it was announced the process had been postponed for the second time.

This was due to non-arrival of ballot papers. A vocal member of the youth who was baying for blood of the elections officials alleged that the presiding officer lied to them.

"Yesterday we were told to come today (Sunday) after ballots were not availed to us. Today as early as 7am as per the announcement we were here. At around 11am we questioned the elections officers about the ballot papers. They said a car was driving down Malagwane hill to bring the ballots. Now they say we must come tomorrow," said Dlamini as a group of livid youth picketed.


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