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Times of Swaziland

26 August 2008

Letter to the Editor

Luhhumaneni elections unfair


Would you please allow me a space in your widely read newspaper to express or expose the corruption which is taking place in the ongoing elections in Pigg’s Peak Inkhundla under the Luhhu-maneni community.

On nomination day the EBC crew came to segregate people in this community in terms of chiefdom affiliation. In Luhhumaneni we live together but we affiliate to two totally different chiefdoms under Chief Mathutha Mncina and Chief Mnikwa Dlamini, respectively. The EBC crew came to tell us that only people who are under Chief Mnikwa can nominate or be nominated for the Bucopho Benkhundla position as if Luhhumaneni is under Chief Mnikwa only. What about those who are under Chief Mathutha? Is local government imposed on people?

I want to make it clear to the people of Swaziland that Luhhu-maneni community is subject to no chief, but to Malolotja Nature Reserve. Since 1964 we lived together in harmony yet we were under two different chiefs. Now the EBC crew and their colleagues declare that Luhhumaneni is under chief Mnikwa which is totally wrong.

Before I put my pen down, it is my wish to see fair elections taking place in Luhhumaneni, where everyone is allowed to vote or be voted for in any position. We live in a peaceful community and I do not want ‘foreign influence’ to disrupt our peace.

Chief Gija please note this.


Pigg’s Peak

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